With Ardan Michael Blum

My Goal

My goal is to capture and share your life memories in a dynamic, enduring high-quality video.


Together we will talk about your experiences, wisdom you have gained, and your perspective on life.


In a relaxed and informal ambiance, we will create a truly unique gift for your family and friends.

Currently available across Northern California with central office location in Palo Alto, CA

Our Video

Our video will include excerpts from two or more 30-minute meetings in which you can read from your writings, share pictures of holidays, and talk freely about subjects important to you - family and friends, profession and hobbies, religion and ethics, challenges and hardships, art and culture, passions pursued and opportunities lost, lessons learned.


If you prefer to sit back and be interviewed I can pose pre-determined questions or we can go unscripted and see what happens!


Above all I want you to be the author of your legacy - whatever the celebration, every occasion will be more special because of your loving presence, captured permanently in your own video/interview gift.

Sharing your video

Sharing your video is accessed via a link on the Internet only for your private use, and available only to those you choose.Your video includes a high-quality video filming, editing, scripted interview and private link.


I am confident that you and your family will be pleased with the exceptionally high-quality professional video, based on 15 years of experience providing this service to seniors in Europe. 


Cost for creating this priceless gift is a modest $160 and includes all the enthusiasm and experience I bring to our joint project. 


See our French language site


Ardan Michael Blum was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He received his B.A in Literature from Bennington College, where he discovered art photography which has become an important part of his professional life. 


After college, he returned to his birthplace where he worked for over 22 years for several financial and community-based institutions in Internet Marketing while creating and managing an innovative organization dedicated to the senior community of Geneva, Switzerland.  




In Geneva, Switzerland (from 1999-2013) Ardan Michael, as CEO, managed a non-governmental organization: VIVRE AVEC LE 3EME AGE devoted to helping senior citizens find creative ways to enrich their lives through the use of web-based tools.


He taught seniors, by way of his inventive personal program, how to easily function at the computer, within a remarkably short learning period providing a connection to the web - a source of continual enrichment. Determined to provide public instructions to seniors unfamiliar and intimidated by the use of the computer, Ardan Michael established active partnerships with computer firms such as HP Europe, Microsoft, Logitech SA, and IBM Switzerland, placing computers, related hardware and software (as a free service) into a large number of senior social clubs and nursing homes.


For over fifteen years, Ardan Michael trained and taught the residents and club members how to use email, access the web and work computer programs.


Early on, he recognized how the Internet could uniquely serve seniors, everywhere, to tell their stories, leave their legacies in words and photos and speak to their loved ones - directly and enduringly - through the creative use of the Internet.


In that time, he learned the “art of communicating,” and more importantly, the “art of listening.” Out of those two indispensable capacities, Ardan Michael created his Senior Video/Interview Project. (See samples of video interviews on our French-language site:


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